Meet Sidney Graybill

CEO & Founder of Dual Drinks

Welcome to the Dual Family!

Joining the Dual family means embracing innovation and individuality—welcome to a world where your beverage experience is as unique as you are.

A Little About Me

With a dynamic background that spans across the hospital supply chain at Geisinger, creative innovations at Crayola, and strategic roles at PepsiCo, I have cultivated a unique blend of expertise in logistics, creativity, and consumer goods.

This diverse experience laid the foundation for founding Dual Drinks in January 2022, a venture that reflects my passion for problem-solving and innovation.

My favorite aspect of Dual Drinks is its ability to offer personalized solutions, addressing individual needs in unique and meaningful ways.

It’s this problem-solving capability—tailored to each person—that stands at the core of what I do and why Dual Drinks continues to inspire me daily.

Women Above Power Non-Profit

We are thrilled to unveil a digital haven dedicated to the resilient spirit of women facing life's toughest challenges. Women Above Power is not just a nonprofit; it is a community-driven initiative founded to support and uplift women on their journey towards recovery and empowerment.

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Our Mission

At Women Above Power, our mission is clear – to be a guiding light for women overcoming domestic violence, abuse, homelessness, job loss, unfair work practices, and the unique struggles of single mothers.

We believe in the transformative power of a fresh start, and we are here to provide the support and resources needed for women to reclaim their lives.

Join Our Community

As you explore our website, you'll discover stories of resilience, information about our programs, and opportunities to get involved.

Together, we can create a community where women not only survive but thrive.

Get Involved

Whether you're looking to support our cause, share your story, or contribute your skills, Women Above Power welcomes you.

Your involvement makes a difference and contributes to the collective strength of our community.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of empowerment. Together, we rise above challenges, celebrate fresh starts, and pave the way for a brighter future. 🌸✨

What We Offer

Safe Haven:

A supportive environment for women seeking refuge from domestic violence or homelessness.

Counseling Services:

Emotional support to help women heal and rebuild.

Job Training:

Skill-building workshops to empower women to re-enter the workforce with confidence.

Entrepreneurship Initiatives:

Guidance and resources for women aspiring to start their own businesses.

Powered By Dual Drinks

We are proud to be fueled by the unwavering support of Dual Drinks, a socially responsible company committed to making a positive impact on society.

Their belief in our mission has not only provided crucial financial support but has also opened the doors to mentorship and expertise, particularly for women aspiring to start their own businesses.

Join the Movement